These sources cover an array of topics in Indo-European phonology, morphology, and syntax.
  • Bammesberger, A., & Ziegler, S. (1988). Die Laryngaltheorie und die Rekonstruktion des indogermanischen Laut- und Formensystems. Heidelberg: Winter.
    Olin P589.L33

    A collection of technical articles on the laryngeal theory.

  • Collinge, N. E. (1985). The laws of Indo-European. Amsterdam: J. Benjamins.
    available online

    Collects each of the named phonological laws of Indo-European with its original rationale and provides an evaluation of all major critiques and revisions.

  • Gvozdanović, J. (1992). Indo-European numerals. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
    Olin P643.I53x 1992

    A collection of articles on the numeral systems of each IE branch.

  • Jasanoff, J. H. (2003). Hittite and the Indo-European verb. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    available online

    A detailed, groundbreaking theory on the prehistory of IE verbal morphology.

  • Kuryłowicz, J., Mayrhofer, M., Cowgill, W., Watkins, C., & Lindner, T. (1968). Indogermanische Grammatik. Heidelberg: C. Winter.
    Olin P575.K96 in room 501

    The standard reference work for PIE phonology.

  • Matasović, R. (2004). Gender in Indo-European. Heidelberg: Winter.
    Olin P633.M38 2004

    Traces the development of gender and gender agreement in PIE and the daughter languages.

  • Nussbaum, A. J. (1986). Head and horn in Indo-European. Berlin: W. de Gruyter.
    Olin P511.U61

    An excellent study on many issues in nominal morphology and derivation.

  • Saussure, F. de (1987). Mémoire sur le système primitif des voyelles dans les langues indo-européennes. Hildesheim: G. Olms.
    Olin P599.S26 1987

    Originally published in 1879, this landmark work predicted the existence of the laryngeals by comparing PIE ablaut classes. (His theory was later confirmed by the discovery of Hittite.)

  • Watkins, C. (1976). Towards Indo-European syntax: Problems and pseudo-problems. In S. Steever et al. (Eds.), Papers from the Parasession on Diachronic Syntax, April 22, 1976 (pp. 305-326). Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.
    Olin P291.P218 1976

    Lays out the problems with typological approaches to PIE syntax and word order.